I have some free stuff on the Internet but for deeper dives and  learning that includes human interactions you can check out some of my courses

Mental Fitness Practitioner

The Mental Fitness Practitioner Course is designed to introduce participants to the school of positive psycholgy and apply these principals in their lives.

It spans over a period of 8 weeks and includes weekly live calls with a group. 

topics include among others:

  • Meaning
  • Achievement
  • Positive Emotions
  • Transfer and Habit-building

The Course was designed and is held with two Colleagues of mine.

For more Information you can visit this page  (currently only in German).

Losing Weight: Beyond Calories

This is a comprehensive online course that I’ve designed for my clients to teach the principles behind losing weight and how to apply them. The human body is far more complex than a reductionistic approach with calories would justify and deserves a more integrative recognition.

This course is tackling three main topics:

1. Understanding the mechanisms behind Weight Loss.  We are learning to take three different perspectives (from macro to micro) and how to apply each of them to different topics (Nutrition, Stress, Sleep & Movement).

2. Recognizing the Symptoms. This way approaches can be individualized to become far more effective than a generalized one.

3. Integrating the habits.  Every individual is at a unique point in life and will benefit from different changes. This course takes it a step further: not leaving you with the what but the HOW.

You can Check out the Course Here. (I’ve made the pricing as low as Udemy allows me to go)

MFZ - Psychological First aid

More Coming Soon...